About DamageCare DamageCare © is part of SchadeZorg Europe and is led by Frank Muntslag who has over 20 years of experience in repairing and restoring damages, he also guides new employees himself. Dam- ageCare is a family corporate culture with beliefs, values, ethics, pro- cedures, and atmosphere of this organization. What this means is how the company works from the inside and the way we do things on the outside. A corporate culture in the family business can be a great weapon for attracting customers and motivating employees while making them fully engaged in organizational success. Family culture When we are creating an environment in our family business, in which people (our employees) are valued, developed and rewarded, organizations gain a significant competitive advantage and can begin to build stronger, more loyal and more productive workers. Treating employees with respect and making them feel like a part of the business and part of the family, is a great way to create a corpo- rate culture for DamageCare. In short our services: Furniture Antique | Modern | Art | Statue Upholster Leather | Fabric | Vinyl | Reed | Plastic Cleaning Mattress | Clothing | Carpet | Stairs | Couches Floor Parquet | Laminate | Stone | Carpet | Marble Electronics Appliances | HiFi Equipment | Lamps Destination Services Installation | Hang- up | Mounting | Connect before and after our care