Voorbeeld: Boek

101 ‘It’s My Own Invention’ At this moment her thoughts were interrupted by a loud shouting of ‘Ahoy! Ahoy! Check! and a Knight dressed in crimson armour, came galloping down upon her, brandish- ing a great club. Just as he reached her, the horse stopped suddenly: ‘You’re my prisoner!’ the Knight cried, as he tumbled off his horse. Startled as she was, Alice was more frightened for him than for herself at the moment, and watched him with some anxiety as he mounted again. As soon as he was comfort- ably in the saddle, he began once more ‘You’re my— ’ but here another voice broke in ‘Ahoy!Ahoy! Check!’ andAlice looked round in some surprise for the new enemy. This time it was a White Knight. He drew up at Alice’s side, and tumbled off his horse just as the Red Knight had done: then he got on again, and the two Knights sat and looked at each other for some time without speaking. Alice looked from one to the other in some bewilderment. ‘She’s my prisoner, you know!’ the Red Knight said at last. ‘Yes, but then I came and rescued her!’ the White Knight replied. ‘Well, we must fight for her, then,’ said the Red Knight, as he took up his helmet (which hung from the saddle, and was something the shape of a horse’s head, and put it on. ‘You will observe the Rules of Battle, of course?’ the White Knight remarked, putting on his helmet too. ‘I always do,’ said the Red Knight, and they began bang- ing away at each other with such fury that Alice got behind a tree to be out of the way of the blows. ‘I wonder, now, what the Rules of Battle are,’ she said to herself, as she watched the fight, timidly peeping out from her hiding-place: ‘one Rule seems to be, that if one Knight hits the other, he knocks him off his horse, and if he misses, he tumbles off himself—and another Rule seems to be that they hold their clubs with their arms, as if they were Punch and Judy—What a noise they make when they tumble! Just