Voorbeeld: Boek

135 Which Dreamed it? undergoing its toilet, ‘when will Dinah have finished with your White Majesty, I wonder? That must be the reason you were so untidy in my dream - - Dinah! do you know that you’re scrubbing a White Queen? Really, it’s most disre- spectful of you! ‘And what did dinah turn to, I wonder?’ she prattled on, as she settled comfortably down, with one elbow in the rug, and her chin in her hand, to watch the kittens. ‘Tell me, Dinah, did you turn to Humpty Dumpty? I think you did— however, you’d better not mention it to your friends just yet, for I’m not sure. ‘By the way, Kitty, of only you’d been really with me in my dream, there was one thing you would have enjoyed— I had such a quantity of poetry said to me, all about fishes! To-morrow morning you shall have a real treat. All the time you’re eating your breakfast, I’ll repeat “The Walrus and the Carpenter” to you; and then you can make believe it’s oys- ters, dear!