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The business aviation market has turned the corner and is gaining momentum. Industry net orders are back to positive and most leading indicators continue to improve. The industry backlog rebuilds and deliveries are months away of the new up-cycle. While the business jet industry is very cyclical, it also has significant growth potential. All long-term market fundamentals remain positive: business jet utilization, backlogs, the pre-owned aircraft market, new aircraft programs, fractional and branded charter demand, business jet penetration in Growth Markets, and aircraft retirements. Manufacturers will continue to generate more value for customers by supplying more efficient and better designed aircraft. The business jet market should experience strong growth over the 2011-2030 period with 24,000 deliveries worth $626 billion of revenues. The worldwide business jet fleet is expected to grow from 14,700 in 2010 to 30,900 by 2030, net of retirements. The Large category of the market is expected to expand faster than the other categories. The manpower needed to manufacture these aircraft and the revenues associated with them will create significant economic value. conclusion Bombardier Business Aircraft | Market Forecast 2011-2030 48 The business jet market will generate 24,000 new aircraft deliveries, worth $626 billion over the next 20 years.