Let there be WE ARE TENNET Can you imagine a world without light available at the flick of a switch? Or one without power available at your fingertips, whenever and however you need it? These are the things we take for granted in our modern, always-on society. But few of us stop to think of the work required to keep the electricity flowing, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It’s a massive responsibility that we at TenneT are proud to shoulder. We operate the electricity grid for the Netherlands and large parts of Germany, carrying power from where it is made – including wind, solar and biomass, as well as fossil and nuclear fuels – to 41 million people. As renewable energy becomes more mainstream, we need to carry electricity over longer distances – from wind farms far out at sea, or solar panels on people’s homes. We carry it across borders, over ground, underground and under the sea, providing the power on which we all depend. Many people have never heard of us. That’s fine. We’d rather be the power behind the scenes, keeping the lights on, no matter how much the wind blows or the sun shines. But if you do want to know a little more about us, read on. We are TenneT – welcome to our world. LIGHT